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Say it on your shirt!
Say it on your shirt!
How It Works...

Our business is Garment Decoration. Our expertise is in design. We have 4 areas we excel in:

Standard Stock Items - These would include any of our shirts shown on the website,
as is, or with modifications of the text. Turn around time is very fast. We usually
ship standard stock items in 1 - 2 days.

Custom T Shirts - These shirts are made for individuals, businesses, teams or groups. This is
our largest area of business. The shirts can be designed from scratch but are most often a
modification of something we have already done. Usually a conversation with our designer can
quickly solidify a design. Sometimes a few E-mail messages back and forth are required but it's
not difficult. We can usually ship custom shirts in 3 - 7 days depending on color and sizes
required. We always stock white, black and grey shirts in adult sizes S, M, L, XL. We have many
other colors in stock on any given day but it would be necessary to check stock if you are in a
hurry. We generally ship within 7 days even if your size and color is not in stock when you call.

Fashion Garments - This is the fastest growing segment of our business because we have
the ability to design and produce beautiful garments using Rhinestones or Metal Studs and
combine them with print and other media. We often use ladies sizes and cuts for this type of
garment. Our customers are typically fashion conscious ladies, or professional business woman.

We have stock designs available for Bridal Parties, Cheerleading, Dance and other activities in
which fashion conscious young ladies and girls participate. These designs can be modified to
meet your specific needs.

Product Line Development - We are interested in working with customers to develop private
label garment lines for their retail stores. An example is a store that sells Western Wear or
another that sells Biker Wear. We can design and produce items that are exclusive to your store.
They are proprietary to you and are not offered to the public or any other business by us. We do
not need large quantity orders to make this feasible as would be required by most garment
manufacturers. Call or E-mail us to discuss your requirements.

T-Shirt Advertising

Studies conducted by the garment industy show:
• A printed shirt will be seen by an average of 20 people on any given day.
• A typical t-shirt will be worn an average of 50 times.
• 20 viewings x 50 wearings = 1000 viewings per shirt.
• Your cost per potential customer is 1 cent if you pay an average of
$10 per shirt and give them away.
• This cost is below direct mail, radio, or newspaper advertising.
• You build goodwill with the recipients of your shirts.
• Good graphics that grab the eye is the secret to success.
• Tee Sign Design, LLC is the master of graphics!
• Let Tee Sign Design, LLC say it on a shirt!!!
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